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INHAMBANE qué hacer, qué visitar, dónde ir, dónde comer, reserva de hoteles, los aeropuertos más cercanos, fotos, información general, consejos, etc.
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Aeropuertos cercanos a INHAMBANE a una distancia máxima de 250 Km del centro de INHAMBANE
BCW - Benguerra Island Airport 224.45 Km del centro de INHAMBANE - Aeropuerto Regional

Información general sobre INHAMBANE
Inhambane, Terra de Boa Gente (Land of Good People) is a city located in southern Mozambique, lying on Inhambane Bay, 470 km northeast of Maputo. It is the capital of the Inhambane Province and according to the 2008 census has a population of 65,837, growing from the 1997 census of 54,157.[1] It is a sleepy historic town known for its rusting colonial architecture and has been popular with tourists in recent years. The settlement owes its existence to a deep inlet into which the small river the Matamba flows. Two protective sandy headlands protect the harbor and form a sandbank. The town of Maxixe is located across the bay.
Fuente: wikipedia

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Conception
This old and imposing church, was built by the Portuguese about 200 years.

This province has innumerable famous beaches, amongst which are: Praia de Zavala (11 km from Quissico), Praia de Zavora (85 km S. of Inhambane), Baia dos Cocos (Coconut Bay) and Tofo Beach (22 km E. of Inhambane), Barra Beach (20 km of Inhambane) and Pomene (174 km N. of Inhambane), Jangamo Beach (28 KM from Inhambane).

Bazaruto Archipelago
This idyllic archipelago consists of four islands (Bazaruto, Benguerra, Magaruque and Sta. Carolina) .They are situated off main land between Vilanculos and Inhassoro (780 km from Maputo). There are high quality hotels on the islands. To reach the islands it is possible to hire a boat locally, or to travel by air from Maputo and Beira or to fly directly from a neighbouring country via Vilanculos where there are immigration and customs services.

Flora and Fauna
Zinave National Park, Bazaruto National Park and the Pomene Reserve were considered as animal conservation areas.

Chope traditions
The ‘Timbila’ is both the name of a percussion instrument and the name of a dance. The instrument, the ‘marimba chope’, is similar to a xylophone, and has keys, ‘muenje’ made of a special wood only found in Inhambane. There are hollow calabashes of varying sizes under the keys which serve as a sound box.
Fuente: niassatourism
Mozambique is justifiably famous in Africa for its cuisine. With its long coastline and rich fishing grounds, it’s no wonder that many of its famous dishes revolve around fresh seafood. The colonial history of the Portuguese is also seen in the use of spices such as chilli the fiery Peri Peri chicken.

Many of the tourists to the country visit Mozambique’s beautiful coastline to enjoy swimming and diving in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. What many tourists take away from their holiday are the tasty seafood dishes Mozambique has.Many consider their shellfish such as prawns and crayfish to be the best in the world. In fact one of the best known Mozambique dishes is Shrimp or prawns done Peri-peri style.

Seafood also forms a large part of the local diet, as it is abundant and cheap. A local dish without any Portuguese influences is Matata which is a seafood stew, usually made using clams in a peanut sauce. Grilled seafood often liberally basted in peri-peri sauce is commonly served along with rice and chips (fries).

Mozambican food is decidedly spicy due to the chilli peppers, garlic and lemons that are liberally used. Peri-peri means “spicy-spicy” and it is a standard accompaniment to just about all meals. It is one of the most characteristic flavours of the cuisine. Traditionally it is made by pounding red chillies, garlic, salt and olive oil and lemon juice together.
Fuente: mozambique
If you are looking a relaxing holiday in the perfect tropical climate, then Mozambique is for you. In fact, the tropical zone begins just north of Inhambane, where Tropic of Capricorn marks extreme southern latitude at which the sun can be seen directly overhead.

When planning your stay in Mozambique, don’t forget Mozambique’s summer is during the northern hemisphere’s winter months. Much of Mozambique’s weather is determined by air circulation over the Indian Ocean. The hottest season in Mozambique is between October and March, when temperatures can get up to the high 20’s and mid 30’s oC (80’s to 90’s oF).

October to March is the rainy season as well, with rains peaking between late December and mid February. Cyclone season particularly for the Inhambane and Bazaruto areas peaks in February. April through September will bring cooler temperatures in the mid 20’s oC (mid 70’s oF) and drier conditions. Higher elevations mean that temperatures can be cooler on average.
Fuente: danatours

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Alfiado Rafael Guambe
2016-08-08 Clima Higiene Compras
Moçambique Precio Hospitalidad Excursiones
  Animación Gastronomía Cultura
Opinión general:
Seguridad Transporte    
Muito bom, apesar da atual crise politica que afeta a maioria dos comerciantes
Volveré de nuevo Ha estado aquí en: 8/2016
Julio Langa
2014-10-31 Clima Higiene Compras
Moçambique Precio Hospitalidad Excursiones
  Animación Gastronomía Cultura
Opinión general:
Seguridad Transporte    
Fantastico, palavras sao escassas para descrever o potencial turistico, as pessoas, a gastronomia, acomodacao, tudo bem organizado e inesquecivel
Volveré de nuevo Ha estado aquí en: 4/2014

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2016-08-08: Alfiado Rafael Guambe
Muito bom, apesar da atual crise politica que afeta a maioria dos co
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2014-10-31: Julio Langa
Fantastico, palavras sao escassas para descrever o potencial turisti
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