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Vacaciones e información: FOZ DO ARELHO

FOZ DO ARELHO qué hacer, qué visitar, dónde ir, dónde comer, reserva de hoteles, los aeropuertos más cercanos, fotos, información general, consejos, etc.
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Hoteles en FOZ DO ARELHO
Reserva tu hotel para FOZ DO ARELHO
Hotel Penedo Furado
Foz do Arelho
Villa Cidade
Foz do Arelho
Casa do Miguel
Foz do Arelho
Unique Lake House In Silver Coast
Foz do Arelho
Azenha Guest House
Foz do Arelho
Ocean View Foz do Arelho
Foz do Arelho
Casa da Lagoa
Foz do Arelho
Holiday home Foz do Arelho
Foz do Arelho
INATEL Foz Do Arelho
Foz do Arelho
Villa Beleamy
Foz do Arelho
Apartamento Foz Arelho
Foz do Arelho
Quinta da Foz
Foz do Arelho
Villa Casa Lago
Foz do Arelho

Aeropuertos cercanos a FOZ DO ARELHO a una distancia máxima de 250 Km del centro de FOZ DO ARELHO
LIS - Portela, Lisboa 74.10 Km del centro de FOZ DO ARELHO - Aeropuerto internacional
CBP - Coimbra 103.07 Km del centro de FOZ DO ARELHO - Aeropuerto Regional
COV - Covilha 175.14 Km del centro de FOZ DO ARELHO - Aeropuerto Regional
VSE - Viseu 183.16 Km del centro de FOZ DO ARELHO - Aeropuerto Regional
LPBJ - Beja 187.63 Km del centro de FOZ DO ARELHO - Aeropuerto internacional
OPO - Francisco Sá Carneiro, Porto 206.07 Km del centro de FOZ DO ARELHO - Aeropuerto internacional
BJZ - Badajoz 215.55 Km del centro de FOZ DO ARELHO - Aeropuerto internacional
VRL - Vila Real 241.09 Km del centro de FOZ DO ARELHO - Aeropuerto Regional
BGZ - Braga Airport 248.50 Km del centro de FOZ DO ARELHO - Aeropuerto Regional

Información general sobre FOZ DO ARELHO
Foz do Arelho is a one of sixteen civil parishes (freguesias) in the municipality of Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, located 8 km west of Caldas da Rainha, in the Northwest end of the council, and is limited north by the Atlantic Ocean and by the parish of Serra do Bouro. By South is delimited by the ocean basin of Lagoa de Óbidos (Óbidos Lagoon) and the parish of Nadadouro. East by the limits between the parishes of Serra do Bouro and Nadadouro and West by the ocean basin of Lagoa de Óbidos and the Atlantic Ocean.
Fuente: wikipedia
Situated at the mouth of the north side of the lagoon Foz do Arelho has been a much-loved destination for the jaded Lisbon city-dweller. Leading inland from the enormous wave-pounded beach is the tranquil Obidos lagoon which in days gone by stretched as far as the fortified town. Now it is the place of work of many ‘clammers’ who extract the delicious local clams which can be found in the restaurants within the town. The beach-side bars offer views over the Atlantic and the lagoon and offer first-class service. Try the Sétima Vaga if you can get a table and enjoy the esoteric selection of music on offer! A wonderful place to watch the sunset.
Fuente: portugalholidaydestinations
Traditionally appreciated for the Excellency and quality of its products, the Silver Coast Gastronomy has its maximum exponent in the shellfish and fish dishes and in rural recipes that once were confectioned in Farms and Tillage Houses. The richness of the Silver Coast sea front connected with the biggest concentration of nursery-shellfish in the country (Porto Barcas) allowed the confection of the most varied dishes of fish and other “sea fruits”, including the famous Sweet Lobster.

The Silver Coast dishes fish have its biggest expression in the zone that falls between Peniche and Foz do Arelho. Peniche because has a fish-port where every single day several boats arrive full of fish caught and two specimens deserves to be mentioned: the sea bream and the sea bass. The Silver Coast area of Foz do Arelho and Lagoa de Óbidos, a magnify Lagoon with 6km long and 2,5km of breadth, placed 5km from Óbidos village, are two famous places for the fishing activity. The Lagoon, because of its natural special characteristics proportioned the capture of different molluscs and several fishes, among them: eels, cockles, little see bass, grey mullets, crabs, cuttle-fishes and mussels.

The Fish-Stew is an identificative gastronomical dish of the Silver Coast because of its freshness and it variety of fish. Thousands of national and international tourists search this delicious with a sea flavour in Peniche.

Equally famous in Silver Coast are the Sweets. The existence of ancient Convents and Monasteries, impress at sweets confection a taste of tradition that is completed with the also famous wines and brandies of the Region. The richness of festivities and family rituals allow the appearance of several popular sweets, that deserve a special mention: Bean Cakes from Torres Vedras, Pastry Cakes from Peniche, Egg Rolls, “Cavacas” and Little Kisses from Caldas da Rainha, Sponge Cake from Rio Maior, “Ferradura” Cakes and so many others.
Fuente: topcasas
As temperaturas médias mensais ultrapassam os 20?C desde Maio até finais de Outubro. Durante os meses de Julho e Agosto, as temperaturas diárias atingem a marca dos 40ºC. As condições atmosféricas são convidativas à prática de surf durante todo o ano.
Fuente: homeaway



19 lugares para visitar y dónde ir en: FOZ DO ARELHO y dentro de 25 Km
Lagoa de Óbidos
Ermida de São Sebastião
Caldas da Rainha
Centro Cultural e de Congressos das Caldas da Rainha
Caldas da Rainha
Hospital Termal Rainha Dona Leonor
Caldas da Rainha
Museu de José Malhoa
Caldas da Rainha
Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Pópulo
Caldas da Rainha
Espaço da Concas
Caldas da Rainha
Atelier-museu João Fragoso
Caldas da Rainha
Museu Barata Feyo
Caldas da Rainha
Rua Direita
Obidos - Informação Geral
Praia de São Martinho do Porto
Praça de Touros
Castelo de Alcobaça
Mosteiro de Alcobaça
Túmulos de d. Pedro i e de Inês de Castro ( Mosteiro de Alcobaça)



15 Restaurantes dónde comer en: FOZ DO ARELHO y dentro de 15 Km
Cabana do Pescador
Caldas da Rainha
Restaurante a Lareira
Nadadouro - Leiria
Restaurante A Lareira
Caldas da Rainha
Cantinho do Melo
Caldas da Rainha
Restaurante Camaroeiro Real
Caldas da Rainha
Café Águias
Caldas da Rainha
Restaurante da pousada de Óbidos
Restaurante Solar Dos Amigos E Ilha Do Paraíso
Caldas da Rainha
Restaurante «O FAROL»
São Martinho do Porto
Restaurante Royal Marina
São Martinho do Porto
Restaurante Poço dos Sabores
Amigos do Baleal - Prainha Bar



1 Servicios de apoyo al turismo en: FOZ DO ARELHO y dentro de 15 Km
Luisa Todi
Caldas da Rainha



1 Dónde comprar en: FOZ DO ARELHO y dentro de 25 Km
Intermarché Benedita



7 Clubs y Campos de Golf en: FOZ DO ARELHO y dentro de 50 Km
Royal Óbidos Golf Course
Golfe do Bom Sucesso
Praia D'el Rey Golf Course
Botado Golf Course
Golden Eagle Golf Course
Rio Maior
Campo Real Golf Course



1 Tours y Excursiones en: FOZ DO ARELHO y dentro de 75 Km
Sintra, Cascais & Estoril

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