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Vacaciones e información: KANDAVU

KANDAVU qué hacer, qué visitar, dónde ir, dónde comer, reserva de hoteles, los aeropuertos más cercanos, fotos, información general, consejos, etc.
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Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Adventure Resort
Mai Dive' Astrolabe Reef Resort
Ono Island 20.41 km
Oneta Resort
Ono Island 21.07 km

Aeropuertos cercanos a KANDAVU a una distancia máxima de 250 Km del centro de KANDAVU
KDV - Kandavu 23.89 Km del centro de KANDAVU - Aeropuerto Regional
VTF - Vatulele 97.26 Km del centro de KANDAVU - Aeropuerto Regional
SUV - Suva-Nausori 111.41 Km del centro de KANDAVU - Aeropuerto Regional
NGI - Ngau Island 143.38 Km del centro de KANDAVU - Aeropuerto Regional
LEV - Levuka Airfield 152.21 Km del centro de KANDAVU - Aeropuerto Regional
KAY - Wakaya Island 170.57 Km del centro de KANDAVU - Aeropuerto Regional
MFJ - Moala 172.99 Km del centro de KANDAVU - Aeropuerto Regional
NAN - Nadi International 173.32 Km del centro de KANDAVU - Aeropuerto internacional
VAU - Vatukoula 178.93 Km del centro de KANDAVU - Aeropuerto Regional

Información general sobre KANDAVU
Kadavu é a quarta maior ilha da República das Ilhas Fiji, com uma área de 411 km², e a maior ilha do Kadavu Group, um arquipélago vulcânico formado pela ilhas Kadavu, Ono, Galoa e várias ilhas menores no Recife do Grande Astrolábio (Great Astrolabe Reef, em inglês). Sua principal cidade é Vunisea, que possui um aeroporto, uma escola secundária, um hospital e uma base do governo. Suva, capital do país, está localizada 88 km ao norte de Kadavu, na ilha de Viti Levu.
Fuente: wikipedia
This island is unspoiled, but probably on its way to tourism in the next decade. The Fijians are living in the traditional way so there is not a lot of amenities for the visitor. No roads, no vehicles except for a very limited amount around the airport. No internet, cell service or TV. Everyone walks on paths. The resorts provide scuba, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, hiking, bird watching, and visits to villages. In Fiji, all beaches are public. The land may be privately owned so do not venture inland without the permission of the village or owner. Also remember no alcohol is allowed in the villages. Women must cover shoulders & knees and not wear a hat or sunglasses on the head or eyes if visiting a village or church. Mostly the resorts on Kadavu are quiet. Bring a book and enjoy the serenity.
Fuente: wikitravel
Anywhere on Kadavu you will no doubt be offered Kava. It is a traditional drink of gathering, welcome or permission in Fiji. Alcohol is not allowed in any of the villages, this is their social drink. It doesn't have an unpleasant taste, but not particularly a good one either. Some people experience a little "numbness" on the lips or tongue. I did not. I only had one cup. You clap once to receive the drink, drink it all at once, then clap three times in appreciation.
The staples on the island are: Casava (a potatoe like root plant, very starchy and plain) Pineapple (small, sweeter and more fibrous that of Hawaii) Coconut and coconut milk Banana and Plantain Kumquats Chicken and eggs Fish (some of the best sushi/sashimi you will ever have) Papaya
There are 3 bakeries that bake bread daily.
The local stores carry minimal necessaties, at the airport store they have ice cream, a rarity.
Fuente: wikitravel
The climate in all Fiji Islands is typically tropical marine; only slight seasonal temperature variation. The terrain: mostly mountains of volcanic origin. For Suva in January the daily average maximum temperatures is 29°C with the average minimum 25°C, while in June the average maximum is 26°C with a minimum of 23°C. The wettest month for Suva is January with an average of 0.0mm of precipitation falling while the driest month is January with 0.0mm falling.
Fuente: myweather2


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