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San Cristóbal y Nieves
Vacaciones e información: BASSETERRE

BASSETERRE qué hacer, qué visitar, dónde ir, dónde comer, reserva de hoteles, los aeropuertos más cercanos, fotos, información general, consejos, etc.
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Fern Tree Bed and Breakfast
Seaview Inn
Culture House
Upper Conaree 2.49 km

Aeropuertos cercanos a BASSETERRE a una distancia máxima de 250 Km del centro de BASSETERRE
SKB - Golden Rock Airport 1.24 Km del centro de BASSETERRE - Aeropuerto internacional
NEV - Vance W. Amory International Airport 16.90 Km del centro de BASSETERRE - Aeropuerto internacional
EUX - F.D. Roosevelt Airport 35.33 Km del centro de BASSETERRE - Aeropuerto internacional
SAB - Saba Island 65.80 Km del centro de BASSETERRE - Aeropuerto internacional
MNI - John Alfred Osborne Airport 79.33 Km del centro de BASSETERRE - Aeropuerto internacional
SXM - Juliana 92.68 Km del centro de BASSETERRE - Aeropuerto internacional
CCE - L'Espérance 95.61 Km del centro de BASSETERRE - Aeropuerto internacional
SFG - Aeroport L´Esperance 95.61 Km del centro de BASSETERRE - Aeropuerto internacional
ANU - V.C. Bird 99.88 Km del centro de BASSETERRE - Aeropuerto internacional

Información general sobre BASSETERRE
Basseterre é a capital de São Cristóvão e Neves, com aproximadamente 38 958 habitantes (est. 2005). A cidade encontra-se situada na ilha de São Cristóvão, no Mar das Caraíbas (Caribe), e representa um dos principais portos comerciais das Ilhas de Sotavento.
Fuente: wikipedia
Entre os lugares emblemáticos da cidade se encontram:

Praça da Independência;
Igreja Anglicana de São Jorge;
Forte Brimstone Hill, construído em 1690, totalmente em pedras negras;
Praça Ortogonal Circus;
Mercados da Cidade e Feiras Artesanais.
Fuente: wikipedia
e Kittitians and Nevisians put local produce, seafood, spices, and game to excellent use in their cuisine. The region's abundance of fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables, helps cooks on St. Kitts and Nevis fuse local fare with Caribbean spice.

Where should you start when looking for dining on St. Kitts and Nevis? A good place to begin is in Basseterre, St. Kitts' capital, where restaurants represent a range of cuisines. Other cities, such as Charlestown or Newcastle on Nevis, also have many varied types of restaurants, but local fare is also easy to find.

Breakfast usually consists of saltfish and johnny cakes...,

St. Kitts and Nevis are mountainous isles, and growing fruits and vegetables can often be difficult in this type of terrain. But the fertile soil makes up for the slopes and rises. Cassavas, yams, pumpkins, avocados, breadfruit, golden apples, gineps, wild cherries, and seagrapes are among the islands' bountiful harvests.

Seafood is extremely important to the island diet. Spiny lobsters, crabs, conch, shrimp, and snapper are common delicacies, especially when paired with West Indian curries. Some popular main dishes are rikkita beef (beef marinated in champagne with Italian dressing), cookup (rice and peas with meat), salt fish, and roasted suckling pig. Goat water, also known as goat stew with fresh vegetables and dumplings, or "droppings." Breakfast usually consists of saltfish and johnny cakes, with fresh coconut juice to wash it down, but saltfish really shines in the national dish of Stewed Saltfish with Dumplings Spicy Plantains, and Breadfruit.

Coffee is served throughout most of the day, so are fresh fruit juices, squeezed from local, hand-picked produce. In Basseterre, ask for a glass of fairling, a local fruit punch, or a bottle of sugary grapefruit drink called Ting. If you get the chance, take a short trip to one of the many sugarcane fields. Most farmers will gladly sell you a large stalk. Pull back the husk and suck on the juices with a glass of Caribbean rum, preferably a dark rum to contrast with the sweetness of the sugarcane.

For dessert, try an upside-down pineapple cherry cake, perhaps with a scoop of soursop ice cream. Seasoned fruit, especially gineps, mangoes, and grapefruit, are also special after-dinner treats on St. Kitts and Nevis, where culinary techniques are simple, the results delicious.
Fuente: caribya
Under the Köppen climate classification, Basseterre features a tropical rainforest climate. As is the characteristic of cities with this climate, temperatures remain constant throughout the course of the year, with temperatures averaging 27 °C (81 °F) year-round. Basseterre has no dry season; all 12 months on average see more than 60 mm of precipitation. On average, 1700 mm of rain falls on the city annually.
Fuente: wikipedia



6 lugares para visitar y dónde ir en: BASSETERRE y dentro de 25 Km
Independence Square
Black Rocks
Belle Vue
Museu de Brimstone Hill Fortress
Sandy Point
Fortaleza de Brimstone Hill
Sandy Point
Nevis Botanical Gardens



5 Restaurantes dónde comer en: BASSETERRE y dentro de 15 Km
Ballahoo Restaurant
Serendipity Restaurant
Rock Lobster Restaurant
Sprat Net



5 lugares para beber, divertirse, bailar en: BASSETERRE y dentro de 15 Km
Inon's Beach Bar
Vibes Beach Bar
Bamboo Lounge
Mr. X's Shiggity Shack Beach Bar & Grill



7 Servicios de apoyo al turismo en: BASSETERRE y dentro de 15 Km
Williams Car Rentals
Avis Rent A Car
Leeward Islands Charters
Kantours Travel
Pereira Tours
Xpress Auto Rental



1 Dónde comprar en: BASSETERRE y dentro de 15 Km
Baranof Jewelers Diamond Gallery

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