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PORTOFINO qué hacer, qué visitar, dónde ir, dónde comer, reserva de hoteles, los aeropuertos más cercanos, fotos, información general, consejos, etc.
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Hotel Splendido & Splendido Mare
Eight Hotel Portofino
Domina Home Piccolo
Albergo Nazionale
B&B Tre Mari Portofino
Civico 3
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U Camin
Agriturismo Terre Rosse Portofino

Aeropuertos cercanos a PORTOFINO a una distancia máxima de 250 Km del centro de PORTOFINO
GOA - Cristoforo Colombo-Genoa 31.16 Km del centro de PORTOFINO - Aeropuerto internacional
ALL - Villanova d'Albenga 90.65 Km del centro de PORTOFINO - Aeropuerto Regional
PMF - Parma 103.82 Km del centro de PORTOFINO - Aeropuerto Regional
PSA - Pisa International Airport 117.36 Km del centro de PORTOFINO - Aeropuerto internacional
LIN - Linate, Milano 128.45 Km del centro de PORTOFINO - Aeropuerto internacional
CUF - Levaldigi Airport 128.54 Km del centro de PORTOFINO - Aeropuerto internacional
MXP - Milão-Malpensa 152.12 Km del centro de PORTOFINO - Aeropuerto internacional
VBS - Montichiari 153.11 Km del centro de PORTOFINO - Aeropuerto internacional
BGY - Orio Al Serio, Bergamo 156.23 Km del centro de PORTOFINO - Aeropuerto internacional

Información general sobre PORTOFINO
Portofino (Italian pronunciation: [ˌpɔrtoˈfiːno]; Ligurian: Portofin) is an Italian fishing village and upmarket resort famous for its picturesque harbour and historical association with celebrity visitors.[2][3] It is a comune located in the province of Genoa on the Italian Riviera. The town is crowded round its small harbour, is closely associated with Paraggi Beach, which is a few minutes up the coast. Other nearby beaches include Camogli, Chiavari, Lavagna, and Sestri Levante.
Fuente: wikipedia
Everything! Truly, the most impressive thing about Portofino is the lifestyle, so running off and "seeing the sights" probably won't be your number one priority when you plan your trip. There are some notable attractions that might be able to lure you from the beaches, but the view from the harbor or any of the surrounding beaches is unforgettable and one could spend the entire day marveling at it.
Castello Brown is a 16th century castle/fort, once used for the area's defense, but now primarily a museum with a fantastic view of the harbor and the Mediterranean Sea.
The church of St. Martin (Divo Martino) is around the corner from the harbor and is a quaint, stylish little chiesa from the 11th century. It's definitely worth taking a casual stroll around it.

One of the best things you can do in Portofino is relax. Walk around the small city, hear the sea, take a rest at the end of the left Marconi quay. There is a small wine bar where you have an occasion to drink something seated less than one meter from the sea.
Usually all the boutiques are open from the end of February until the end of October. Don't forget to bring something for your shoulders even if you came in the summer time. After 6/6.30pm the sun goes behind the Portofino promontory and cools off considerably.
Also, you can visit San Fruttuoso Bay and try to see the sculpture of Christ of the Abyss. You can reach San Fruttuso only by sea. You can choose a public boat at reasonable price. If the money is not a problem, try to rent a small taxi boat. It's an unforgettable experience.
If you have some days off, you can also visit the Acquarium on Genoa (30 km from Portofino) - the biggest one in Europe - and walk around the port streets. There are a lot of museum and historical buildings.
Fuente: wikipedia
The the glamorous village of Portofino is the jewel of the Ligurian crown where it´s
cuisine is the epitome of the Mediterranean diet and characterized by its use of fresh herbs and vegetables such as basil, bay leaves, fennel, marjoram, zucchini (courgette), eggplant (aubergine), seafood (anchovies, swordfish, sea bass, etc) and of course extra virgin olive oil and fragrant wines.

Local specialties of the area include Focaccia alla Genovese (delicious flatbread) and Pesto Genovese (gorgeous sauce made with basil, pine nuts, walnuts, Parmigiano and Pecorino cheese, and ample olive oil and garlic- all served over pasta). Learn more about Ligurian cooking in your own private cooking class this short break. Wine as always is a focus on our tours and you´ll have the chance to visit a beautiful winery inland from the charming town of Lerici and taste the fabulous local Sciacchetrà wines.
Fuente: cellartours
Thanks to its close proximity to a wide and deep sea, to its Southern exposition and to the existence of a Mountain Chain, that defends this Region from Northern cold winds, the Ligurian Riviera is an ideal destination for a stay all the year round.
This peculiarities have been very appreciated since the end of XIX century, when the Ligurian Riviera became an internationally renowned health resort.
Average temperature from November to February is around 11°, from March to May reaches 20°, during July and August is around 25° to low in September and October around 19°.
Fuente: portofinocoasthotels



1 lugares para visitar y dónde ir en: PORTOFINO y dentro de 50 Km
Acquario di Genova



1 Restaurantes dónde comer en: PORTOFINO y dentro de 15 Km
Ristorante Stella Maris



2 Consulados y Embajadas en: PORTOFINO y dentro de 50 Km
Consulado do Brasil em Génova
Consulado de Portugal em Génova

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